Re-cover chandelier shades with scrapbook paper.

Remember the upcycled lampshades I did with some cute fabric in the springtime?  It’s fall so I was ready for a change… but this time I didn’t use fabric, I used houndstooth scrapbook paper.

I had paper left over from my DIY gift bags, and I thought it would be perfect for these chandy shades.

Rather than repost the instructions here, I will just refer you back to the fabric lampshades.  It is the same exact process.

Click HERE to see the full instructions

I peeled off the old fabric and used the fabric as a pattern to cut out the scrapbook paper.  The only difference is that I used double-sided tape to adhere the paper to the lampshade form instead of hot glue, like I did for the fabric.
I also took the blue strips of trim outside and spray painted them black.

I love that I can just change these things up whenever I want.

Fast and easy!

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    Those are Bear Bryant, Crimson Tide lamp shades of the first degree!

    You Alabama blogging friends will all be going CRAZY over those.

    You DO have Alabama blogging friends, don’t you?

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    2 small inexpensive hanging Chandelier pendents on either side of this bed looks balanced and gives the hubs something of his own to Ikea has cheaper versions and they plug right in…no electrician required

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