In case you missed it: Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been a busy week around here… wasn’t it just Tuesday a day or so ago?!  Time is flying by!  Good grief, it’ll be Christmas before we know it!

Monday:  We got new glasses and I had a few pearls of wisdom for mothers of boys.
Tuesday:  Dollar Store pumpkins got make-overs with chains, spray paint and glitter.
Wednesday:  I updated my chandelier shades for fall with scrapbook paper.
Thursday:  I made some spooky Halloween “potions” that you can’t drink.
Friday:  I found spooky Halloween wine that you can drink.

I also have a pretty amazing find to share with you.  I was sent what’s called a  DSP-30 filter from Fridge-Tech.  It helps to keep produce fresher, longer.  I put one in each of the produce drawers in my refrigerator about 4 weeks ago.  I have a list of how to store most fresh produce, but this would just help it along a little bit more.
See this pepper and these carrots?  They’ve been in there for 3 weeks.

They look pretty good, don’t they?  That’s because of this DSP-30 filter.
Click HERE to check out the website.
(Disclosure: I was sent the DSP-30 filter to try out, but have not been compensated in any way.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.)

Have a great weekend!

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