Halloween decor from the produce section…

…and I’m not talking pumpkins.  Garlic.  It keeps vampires away, right?  So you’re definitely going to want to have some around.

I used this same little garlic/decor trick last year, and I wanted to do it again.  However, this year I knew I needed to glue the spiders to the garlic to ensure they stayed where I wanted them.  (Last year those lil’ suckers all managed to slide to the bottom of the jar.)

What to do?  Get non-toxic glue, a toothpick and a bunch of plastic spiders.  A little dab of glue on the spider’s body will adhere it to those papery outer layers of the garlic.

I added the spiders to the garlic and layered them carefully into an apothecary jar.

Because there are so many of those papery layers, the little dab of non-toxic glue won’t affect the garlic at all.  Once Halloween is over, I’ll just pop those spiders right off and toss the garlic back into my garlic bin.

And at 3 for $1, this is a very, very cheap and easy way to add some Halloween decor to your kitchen.

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  1. says

    Ach, garlic how I love you! From the moment we first met and fell in love you have flavored my sauces, pot roasts, mashed potatos, burgers and fries. I use you often and liberally.

    Now I discvcer that you have been holding out on me and could have also been cute and spooky and perfect.

    Its ok garlic, Ill get over this betrayal and we’ll be together again soon…. Like maybe lunchtime?

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