Easy chain covered pumpkins for Halloween.

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins covered in chains.  (Right…?  Possibly…?  It’s just me, then?)  I love how these chain pumpkins turned out!

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These guys were sooooo easy to make!

Start with a few pumpkins from the Dollar Store and spray paint them white.  (I didn’t even do a very thorough job with the paint… bits of orange were showing through.)

When dry, I painted them with some glittery, shimmery paint for a little sparkle.  I used Folk Art Extreme Glitter in Hologram.  (Looks pink on the sample, but it’s just shimmery white on the pumpkin.)

I used a plain old Sharpie Marker to color the stem black.  I wasn’t paying close attention and accidentally got a mark on the pumpkin.  (That will be the back side of the pumpkin…)

I found some chain in Handsome Hubby’s tool box and thought I’d borrow a little.  He used pliers to open up links, to create about 10 little lengths of chain for each pumpkin.  They only needed to be long enough to reach from the base of the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin.

Using a hot glue gun, I put a dab of glue right at the base of the stem and pressed the length of chain into it.  When you’re doing this, try to counter balance the chains as you add them.  If you do them all on one side, your pumpkin will fall over as you try to work with it.  When the top of the chains are adhered, carefully turn the pumpkin over and attach the bottoms of the chains.  It doesn’t need to be perfectly neat and pretty.  No one sees the bottom of a pumpkin.

They do, however, see the top of the pumpkin, and no one wants to see big blogs of hot glue.  Grab a paint brush and some regular white craft glue and brush it over the stem, around the base of the chains, and feather it out a little bit over the top of the pumpkin.  Shake on some black or silver glitter.

I think they’re fun, and I am really happy with the way that they turned out.

I think I’m going to put them next to last year’s S&M Punk-In.  They’ll fit in great.


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