A floor Candelabra for Halloween.

Last year, Sandra from Sawdust & Paper Scraps made a very cool Halloween candelabra, and I really, really wanted to make one too, but didn’t get around to it.  (I met Sandra at The Haven Conference last June, and I must confess I have quite the Girl Crush on her… she is awesome!)

Sandra’s is a fab tutorial on how to make a tall candelabra out of a regular sized lamp.
However, when I spied this gangly looking fellow at a yard sale and knew I had to have it for our Halloween party.

First, I clipped his wires and pulled them out, removing some of the hardware.  I gave it a nice coat of glossy black Krylon spray paint.  Then I added my trusty chameleon chandelier and painted that too.

It had seen better days…

I also painted a lot of Dollar Store plastic beads and old beaded necklaces, then “pretty-pleased” HH to run a metal rod through both pieces and they just fit securely on the rod.

Pardon the “non-beauty” shots.  This baby is part of the decor for our Halloween party.  I’ll take some photos of it decked out in all of its candelabra-y glory then.

Are you getting excited for Halloween?  (I am!)

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    Holy crap. Thats just awesome! I want to fill a room with those and recreate a scene from Phantom of the Opera… Or “I would do anything for love (but I wont do that)”…. Where did I leave my semi sheer gauzy night gown and disfigured crooner?

  2. says

    Oh what a find! Adding the chandelier and beads (the crow is like the cherry on top of) is pure genius! I would keep this baby up all year round and just for kicks pull out a monacle and pipe when people asked about it and say “That’s Elementary my dear watson.”

    I Love this so much!


  3. says

    Oh my god its awesome where did you find the lamp stand? I will try and make it, love love love it I have the chandelier but need to have an idea where can I get the stand.

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