Saved By Love Creations = a great source for inspirational craft & DIY round-ups.

Do you ever feel like you have eleventy billion projects hanging over your head, but no real drive to get them finished?  (Or, in some cases, even started…?)  Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Whenever this happens, there are a few different things that I try in order to get my creative juices flowing:

  1. Wile away the hours on Pinterest. (And find lots more inspiration, but simply add it to my ever growing pile o’projects.)
  2. Start cocktail hour a bit early. (Actually, this is usually quite helpful.)
  3. Go visit bloggers that I know will inspire me.
  4. Go visit bloggers that I know will inspire me and who have already done several round ups of projects and categorized them neatly and efficiently AND made super cute, pinnable graphics so I can find them again.
I want to share option 4 with you today…
How cute and teeny tiny is she!!??
Johnnie at Saved By Loved Creations is an upcycling, organized, crafty genius.  In addition to just oozing creativity, she has put together posts rounding up other people’s creative sparks of creativity.
Such as:
If Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, or any other drool-worthy company has you wishing you had some extra cash laying around, THIS LIST will inspire you to save your cash and try it yourself.
I love that she is big on recycling and repurposing items too.
Have any bottles around that you’d like to re-purpose?  (Or had NO idea that you could do anything to an old bottle besides put it in the recycle can?)  THIS POST is for you.

How about THIS ONE?  Yep, we all have old jeans.
(Although some of us, *ahem* refuse to get rid of those jeans because they suffer from delusions in which their 45 year old butt will fit back into jeans they wore when they were 30, but whatever.)

Would you like to lose your ever-lovin’ mind over what some people can do with an empty cereal box…?  CHECK THIS OUT.

Want to make a bracelet…?  CLICK HERE.

Oh.  And these… these I don’t have the patience for unless I go with option #3 (See Above) but I am in absolute awe of anyone who:

  1. has the patience for this
  2. has the ability to see anything beyond the stacks of magazines that husbands bring home, never read, get twisty when you move them, then blame the fact that you move them on why they never read them….
I digress.  Without further ado..
The girl is cuh-razy, but she has vision.  Click HERE to see what I’m talking about.
These were the tip of the iceberg.  You can search all of her 50+ round-ups by clicking HERE  Anyhow, I hope you go check out Johnnie’s blog.  All of her round-ups and her individual craft and DIY projects are very inspirational.  It may be just what I need to get moving.


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