Do you play bunco?

I am in a bunco group and last Friday was my turn to host the game at my house.  All last week was spent on fun projects gearing up to have some of my favorite ladies over.

I revamped my chandelier and made a no-sew cord cover, upcycled some old wine bottles to create etched glass water carafes, and made personalized wine charms.

Even if no one notices those little details, it’s OK because it brings me joy to do them.  What we all can agree on is that good food is important.  Vital, even.    I know that every bunco group does things a little differently, but in our group the hostess provides full dinner, dessert and drinks for the evening.  For dinner, I served Scissors and Spatula’s Tuscan Chicken Cakes with Tomato-Basil Relish.  It is one of my favorite dishes.  You really need to go check out the recipe and give it a try.  Oh. My. Yum.

I also served a simple green salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette and a sun-dried tomato and Parmesan pasta. Yummy.

Handsome Hubby was on hand to pour wine and help out in the kitchen (he’s so wonderful!).  We had some wine, we had some dinner, then we played bunco!

Oh.  And we always eat dessert.  It was hot, so I opted for simple:  Ice cream and fresh blueberries.

ice cream_vanilla_blueberries_dessert

Sometimes we get so busy and so scheduled, we forget to schedule to have a little fun.  Thanks to bunco, once a month, I get to do just that.

Do you play?


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    We went to a huge coed multi table bunco party a couple years ago and loved it. Since then I’ve been invited to two others but wasn’t able to attend. If a gal likes cards, a little gambling, food, beverage and fun, it’s just the ticket!


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    I love my bunco ladies and wouldn’t miss that night of craziness every month for anything! I am thinking of starting a bunco journal to keep in our box. Just a little keepsake of what we talked about that night, who was there, who hosted. Our group tends to fixate on one topic of conversation or one theme word so it would be fun to look back and remember when it started!

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