The land of the free BECAUSE of the brave. (More patriotic artwork)

Yesterday I shared some quick, DIY spray paint artwork for the 4th of July.
Today I am sharing another patriotic artwork project that I did at the same time, (since I had the Cricut machine out and all…)

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I have to thank Michele at The Scrap Shoppe for the inspiration.

This was super easy.

1. I grabbed my seasonal artwork,
2. Flipped it over and painted the wood with a pearlized white acrylic paint.
3. Cut out adhesive letters using contact paper and my Cricut.
4. Adhered the letters after employing my favorite letter placement technique: The Eyeball Method.

When the letters were adhered to the board, I sprayed it with a turquoise paint.

I wanted to highlight the word because, so I decided to use a pop of red to create a “banner” for it.  By painting over the top of the adhesive letters, it makes the banner look like it’s behind the text once the letters are removed.  (You can see other examples of this technique HERE at Halloween and HERE at Christmas time)

The next step is to peel off the letters.
When all was said and done, I thought it needed a little bit of black, so I simply grabbed a Sharpie and outlined my sad, free-hand little banner.  (I never, ever claimed to be an artist, by the way.)

Any how, this was quick, easy and I like that I can re-use the other side of a seasonal art project.

Do you ever make your decor do “double-duty”…?


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    This is very pretty, and I like the “different” blue in the red, white, and blue. But I mostly had to leave a comment because when I got to #4, I was so excited that I was about to learn a special technique for letter placement… I literally laughed out loud at your “method” used!

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    Love it! Artist you are!!! Making art with what you have. Thank you for the ideas. One more great way to use my Cricut!

    Have a blessed July and thank you for honoring the Brave who serve us!



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