Give your First Aid supplies an Annual Check-up.

Our annual camping trip is next week, and I am in the process of organizing and getting ready to go.

I am usually pretty organized, so don’t let the picture fool you.  It actually is controlled chaos.  I know where everything is.

Yes, I know it looks like a total disaster, but there is a method to my madness.
I sort and pack things on the dining table, then stage them in an area where HH can just pack up the car and trailer.

Anyhow, as I was going through the First Aid portion of my check-list and discovered that virtually all of our medicines and OTC remedies were expired! Fail!

The worst was some hydro-cortisone cream that had an expiration date of 9/2007.  Yipes!!!!  No wonder my mosquito bites were staying itchy.  Most items had expired in 2010, but there were a few 2009s and 2008s in there too.

Handsome Hubby says that expired medicine simply means that it has started to lose its potency… not that it’s ” gone bad” …. guess what?  I want potent medicine, thanks.  While I might let something slide if its expiration date was within the last several months, um, no thank you on the 2010 stuff.

I use a portable file box to house all of our First Aid stuff.  It’s the right size, I can see through it, and it’s easy to carry.  (I keep it at home in our linen closet, so I can access it here if I need to as well.)

I cleaned it out, re-stocked it and made sure I had everything that was on my checklist.

This is what’s in our first aid kit, and I think we’re good to go.
Am I missing anything?  What do you keep in yours?


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    Ummm…you so SO good!! I don’t even have a kit! HA! I have a basket in each of our house bathrooms that has stuff in it (kids stuff in kids bathroom and adult stuff in my bathroom), but I only take a few items when we go on vacation! Thanks for the tips and ideas!

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    I love your madness…and your lists. I am redoing my first aid kit for our hall closet and this list will really come in handy. I do go through out meds pretty regularly and toss “expired” meds :) Yay for your trip!!

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    Along with a mini sewing kit, this is where I keep safety pins and my eyeglasses mini screwdriver because I don’t know where else to put them! Thanks for the idea I’ll be going through mine today.

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    We don’t camp or take nationwide care trips…but I do have all of those items in my closet at home.
    I also keep absorbent pads and adhesive tape (medical) for use in holding gauze or pads over a wound.

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