What brought me to Haven.

I was in Atlanta for the Haven Conference last week, and I have to tell you that it was just fantastic!  I had high hopes after SNAP! (my first conference) and Haven did not disappoint.  What made me decide to attend?  Meeting the people I have developed friendships with online.
First of all, I hit the jack-pot in the roommate department…
All of my roommates are drop-dead gorgeous, super-duper creative and talented and had great senses of humor.  I loved them!  Pamela from PB&J Stories, Kim from Sand and Sisal and Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters were even more fabulous in real life than I imagined.   

This is the point where I could describe all of the fab classes I sat in on, or all of the things I learned, but instead I am going to briefly tell you My Blog Story and how I got here…

When I first started my blog it was so that I could chronicle the things the boys were doing.  (Grant Stories, anyone…?)  I don’t scrapbook, so this seemed like a good way to do it.  
I had no idea there were other blogs out there.  
I have a writing background, so gradually, social commentary and stories from my life started showing up on my blog alongside the funny stories about the boys.   Then one day, I noticed a 1 in front of the word “comment.”  
A comment?  
What is that about?  Turned out it was a mean comment.  (That comment eventually became my first unofficial Hate Mail post.  Read it HERE or search Retorts)  Anyhow, I couldn’t understand where this guy came from.  Once I figured out how to see where readers came from, I was shocked to discover that people besides my mother and uncle were reading my blog.
Someone came from a site called Thrifty Decor Chick.  I was intrigued… I’m thrifty!  I love decor!!  I’m a chick!!!  I clicked that link and fell down the rabbit hole into crafty/DIY blogland.
I read everything Sarah, the Thrifty Decor Chickhad written up to that point, then I scoured her blog for more.  Through Sarah, I found Melissa from 320 Sycamore, Kate from Centsational Girl and Chris from Just A Girl.  I started reading and discovered that there was an entire online community of people who think like me, DIY like me, thrift like me… (I can hear Slim Shady right now, can you?)  
I joined my people and started to post my projects.  That’s how I got here, and why The V Spot is the way it is today.
My bloggy besties aren’t into the DIY thing, but they encourage me to follow where my creative paths lead. Friends on line are still real friends.  If you had told me that 4 years ago I would have thought you were a nut job.  Now I know better.  

I was super excited to see blog friends that I had previously met:
1. Stacy from Not Just A Housewife, who is adorable inside and out.  I love her!  
2. Tauni from The SNAP Conference is a Renaissance Woman.  She juggles speaking engagements, running conferences, a family, and still has enough time to talk to me bloggers and encourage me them. 
3. Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage is deee-lightful.  She is one of the nicest people I have met and is super talented.  (Be sure to check out her shop too.)
I am kind of cranky that I didn’t get a photo with one of my very favorite blog friends, Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl. Boo. 
Kate, Sarah and Chris, along with Rhoda from Southern Hospitality (who was the boots on the ground to make Haven happen) Marian from Miss Mustard Seed,  Kristi from Creative Kristi, Traci from Beneath My Heart, and the uber-fabulous Beth, from Home Stories A2Z were the fabulous organizers of this conference, and I am so grateful for their hard work, and for the opportunities to make some new friends:
1. Sandra from Sawdust & Paper Scraps.  I must confess:  I have a HUGE Girl Crush on her.  I thought she was hilarious and she speaks smart-ass, so we got along great.  She is my people.   
2. Miss Charming from Charming Zebra.  She didn’t think I would remember meeting her, but I do! How can you forget a sweet person who even matches her business cards?!  Adorable! 
3. Debbie from ReFresh ReStyle is every bit as sweet and lovely as I thought she’d be.  I loved meeting her!  
And… 4.  One of my goals for Haven was to meet Heather and Vanessa from At The Picket Fence.  I flat out adore these two sisters who live on opposite sides of the country and share one blog.  Love it and love everything they do.

Oh!  And on top of all of the fabulous people I got to meet and classes I got to take…?  In addition to all of the fabulous swag we were given, I won a new  iPad  from Homes.com and a 31 piece set of drill bits from Ryobi!  Seriously!  I never win anything! So Cool!  (I’m glad I brought the iPad in my carry on baggage or the TSA agents in Atlanta might have swiped that too!)

**Note: I actually did pack other clothing, but I didn’t take any pix with my “real” camera until the last day.  Think of all the wrap up picture taking like yearbook signing…

The cherry on top of my Haven cake was getting to spend extra time with Amy from Mod Podge Rocks.   She didn’t attend the conference, but she lives in Atlanta so I got to hang out with her for an extra day and night.  My whole family fell in love with her when she stayed with us a few days back in May.  She returned the favor and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out and just visiting.

We visited Stone Mountain.  Amy called it the Mt. Rushmore of the South.

Thanks to Amy for making sure I wasn’t homeless on Saturday, and thank you to all of the fabulous people I met.  You all made the Haven Conference great!

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  1. says

    I’m researching blogger’s google+ pages–it’s on my list from Haven:”make google+ page for blog”.
    Looks like yours has been up a while. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. says

    Oh Viv!! Getting to spend time with you well…there just isn’t words. Inspite of every moment of fabulousness experienced at Haven, without a doubt connecting in real life with our boggy gal pals was the what we loved most! Love ya girl!


  3. says

    Looks like you all had a blast…guess I will start saving my pennies for next year!

    I had to laugh when i read your blog story at the beginning. We were simpatico there. When I started my site it was to vent about early motherhood and autism, and I kept it private.

    Then I stumbled on the CSI Project, and it snowballed from there.

    I thought blogs were just online journals with pictures, and now, this little hobby is starting to pay bills, and has helped quite a few families facing the same issues mine does.

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