Have a nuclear Valentine’s Day!

Grant has been drawing lots of little Valentines for me.  Lots and lots of drawings.   To mix it up a bit, he has begun making heart shapes around the house for me.  Sometimes they’re out of Legos, sometimes out of blocks or Crayons.
He often will arrange the heart shape while I watch.  That was the case for these two hearts.

Grant: “Two hearts for you, Mom!  One is me and one is you!”
Me: “Oh, Grant!  That is so sweet! I love it. Thank you.”
Grant: “Wait! I have something else for you!”

He dismantled the two hearts, created one big loop and made this:

“Here you go Mom!  For you!  It’s a mushroom cloud!”

There’s nothing quite like a Valentine from an 8 year old boy.


  1. says

    Haha, hehe, hoho! That is awesome! Too bad I don’t get to meet this funny dude in April – I get the feeling he and Brielle might be kindred spirits!

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