Make “sun-dried” tomatoes in the oven.

I love sun-dried tomatoes.  In salads, in sauces, on sandwiches… seriously on just about anything.
We did NOT have a bumper crop of tomatoes this past year (bummer) but the little grape tomatoes frequently go on sale at the grocery store.  I buy 3 or 4 boxes at a time.  Sometimes I use them quickly… sometimes I don’t.   When I don’t, it is easy to dry them in the oven.
Easy {Oven} Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Wash the tomatoes and slice them in half.  Place them cut side up on a parchment-lined baking sheet.  Sprinkle them with a few pinches of sugar, a dash of salt, and I use white pepper, but you could use any.
Next, take a small palm-full of dried basil.  Rub it together in between your palms until it becomes a fine powder.  Sprinkle that over the top of the tomatoes.
Pop the pan into the oven at 225 or 250 until they look shriveled and dried.
When they are done, transfer the tomatoes to a bowl and drizzle with olive oil.  (It should go without saying that you should always use really good quality, extra virgin olive oil…)  
Toss them and make sure they are well coated in the oil.  Store them in one of the many, many, many empty glass jars that take up space in your kitchen, because your husband insists all jars be washed out and kept on hand for the 5 times a year when he makes gravy… (ahem. sorry.)
Anyway.  Put them in a jar.
Put the jar in the fridge.  It should keep nicely for at least 2 weeks.
Need a good recipe to use up those nice sun (oven) dried tomatoes?  This is my family’s current favorite, which we got from Jen at Scissors & Spatulas.  It. Is. Delicious.
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  1. says

    oh thank you sooo much! I have always wanted to try making these myself. Now I have a good recipe to try it with. Very easy and I have all the ingredients to try it this week!
    Great post!

  2. says

    Oh that looks so easy! I had a recipe that used these too long ago but can’t remember what it was for the life of me.. might have to go searching.

  3. says

    I do not know about dried tomatoes. But dried tomatoes is good if its useful in sauce, salads, sandwich and much more. I think the process of using dried tomatoes is so easy.

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