The world’s easiest Glue-Gun table runner.

Yep.  Seriously the easiest table runner ever.
make a no sew Halloween table runner

Step 1.
Find two long scraps of fabric. Match up the pattern and hot glue a seam. You could use fusible webbing too, but then you’d have to find your iron. (Seriously, if the wrinkles don’t come out with a spritz of water and a quick tumble in the dryer, I won’t buy the garment.  I. Do. Not. Iron.)

Step 2.
Get pretty trim or ribbon and hot glue to the edges of the runner.

adding trim to a no sew Halloween table runner

Step 3.
Lay it on your table and set something on it.

In my case, a pedestal bowl that is holding fabric and ribbon scraps and my two Necktie Pumpkins…

Step 4.
Get all warm and fuzzy inside because you had all of these materials on hand and not only did it not cost you anything, it used up some of the craft stuff that you hoard on your side of the garage and will start to make a small dent in your fabric stash, which is kind of hilarious that you even have in the first place since you don’t really sew anymore.
(Except with a glue gun.)


  1. says

    I need to sew, I need to sew!!!! Your table runner turned out really nicely. I need to try this one day…you know, when I have a stash of fabric.

  2. says

    I love this! So much prettier than my $12 Walmart table runner that I bought on impulse.

    I have yet to (ever?) master sewing, so any project that involves gluing is a total win.

  3. says

    I, too, have a strong aversion to ironing. It truly kills my back to do standing, haven’t got the hang of ironing seated. They put labels on clothes, do not dry clean do not wash; why not do not iron?!?! I LOVE your runner. Have to hunt around for nice runnerish fabric :-).

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