Turn Dollar Store beverage napkins into easy Halloween hurricanes.

Well, not entirely out of beverage napkins.  There are a couple other things too.

I’m getting ready for our Halloween party on Saturday night and I love lots of candles at my parties.  On the tables… on chandeliers… in the yard… everywhere.  I have a bunch of empty jars, and while I would normally just stick a votive in them and tuck them into my flower beds, I decided to spiff them up, Halloween style.

Halloween Hurricane lanterns
This was incredibly easy to do and took all of 5 minutes, not counting drying time.
First, grab some cute beverage napkins from the Dollar Store and an empty glass jar.
Make sure you completely remove the label on the jar (use Goof-Off or a similar remover.)
Next, completely unfold the napkin.  It is probably two ply, so carefully peel the printed layer away from the solid layer.
Cut it to fit so that it will wrap all the way around your jar.  Coat the jar with Mod Podge and gently press your napkin into place.  Gently work it all the way around the jar.  Do not rub it or press too hard, as the napkin will tear.
Don’t get all wiggy if there are a few bumps or creases.  This is a Halloween project.  Halloween is messy and creepy.  Let the jar sit and dry.
The napkin wasn’t as tall as the jar, so once dry, I opted to wrap a little black yarn around the top of the napkin up to the mouth of the jar.  I used a hot glue gun to put little dabs of glue here and there while I wrapped it (unevenly) around the jar.  Again, Halloween is messy and imperfect, right?
My camera is terrible (Dear Santa, please bring me a Canon Rebel…) so these photos don’t really do this justice, but trust me that it looks pretty darn cool.
Cheap and easy! Oh, how I love cheap and easy.
By the way, today I am also guest posting over at Positively Splendid as a part of Amy’s Swell Noel series.  She’s on maternity leave… having baby number 4!  (What kind of crazy person has 4 kids?!?! Oh. Wait.  Never mind.)
At any rate go check out the series, she has great decorating and gift ideas that are sure to get you in the mood for Christmas!
Which is good, because I am going to have trouble getting myself out of Halloween mode… I’m having too much fun!


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    Viv you just amaze me! You come up with the most creative things and it is so simple and yet I never would have thought of it! I love how that turned out and it has me thinking of all the possibilities of different napkins you could use throughout the year. Great idea!

  2. says

    Ya know…I was gonna throw out a spaghetti sauce jar last night and something said, “Don’t toss it, you might need it.”
    That was you, in my head, right?

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    Very cute idea! I have wayyyy too many extra jars around here, great idea to use them for something other than holding flowers, salad dressing, or stock. Also, more fun. Have tons of fun at your party!

  4. says

    I’m a cheap and easy fan too. These are adorable.

    Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it. I’m now following you and look forward to reading through all of your creative ideas.

    I am having my first Linky Party this Saturday. If you get a chance, come and link up.


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