A spookified dining room chandelier.

In keeping with yesterday’s Halloween lampshades, I thought I’d show you my spookified dining room chandelier.
It normally looks like this…
I’m going to recover them for Christmas, but am too lazy to do it for Halloween.  Weird, I know.   (Click here for a simple tutorial on how to do yours) 
To add a bit of spooky to this normally buttoned up chandy, all I needed was tulle and plastic spiders.
I took black tulle and wrapped it around each individual shade.  I bunched up one end of the tulle and secured it with a little dab of hot glue.  It does not need to be very much.  Then I just wrapped the tulle around the shade and gave another little dab of hot glue where it ended up.  It’s not pretty and/or tailored, but it kind of looks like the shades are wearing black veils.  Black veils with spiders.  It’s very funereal and creepy.
From there, I took more of the white tulle from my party invitations and draped it around the arms of the chandy and up the chain.  The little spiders’ legs stick into the tulle so there isn’t a need to secure them beyond that.
The total cost on this was probably about $3.  Cheap and easy.  (Although I don’t really care for looking up from my meal and seeing spiders over my head. That wasn’t great planning on my part…)


  1. says

    Yeah, the spiders would freak me out. I don’t mind them but yours are big and scary and would probably cause me nightmares!

    But I think you did a FINE job decorating up the chandy!


  2. says

    That is a great idea! I once wrapped the pull apart spider webs all over my chandelier, but didn’t plan on the stuff melting into the lights. Whoops. Tulle would work much better. BTW, if this is how you decorate for Halloween, I can’t wait to see what you pull out for Christmas!

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    Love it. I always decorate our chandelier. I think it’s a little thing that makes such an impact; like you’ve done. Sounds like it will be a fabulous party!

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    Your house probably looks amazing from head to toe! I’m with you on the spiders above my head thing. Yeah, i think I would think I was seeing things out of the corner of my eyes & then bob & weave to miss the spider. LOL

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