My Halloween wreath….all it’s missing is a whip. (And a midget.)

My Halloweenishness knows no bounds.  (But I fear that my husband’s patience will soon run out if I don’t get my Halloween bins cleaned up and put away.)

We had a rare California storm yesterday, so I worked on a couple of things inside the house… including my Halloween wreath.  I had took a regular grapevine wreath that I had previously spray painted black.  I added “chains” and a Dollar Store raven and I was good to go.

The “chains” were also from the Dollar Store.  I got them last January right before Mardi Gras.  See? It pays to plan ahead. (Even if you don’t know what you’re planning for…)

I spray painted them black, then hit them with a shot of silver.  I attached them to the wreath with some strips of black fabric and ribbon.

I added this Dollar Store raven. But he wasn’t sitting in there real well….

So I cut off his toes.  But that wasn’t enough! So I pulled out his legs (ah hahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!  Sorry.)  Then I used hot glue to make sure he stayed put.

The over-all effect of my leg pulling, chain wrapping, wreath making…?

I can live with it.

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    Fan-freakin-tastic….per usual. Do you ever run out of ideas? I imagine that it happens once in a while and you lay curled up in bed thinking, ” I knew it. I knew that someday I would actually run out of ideas and it’s happened..”
    But then your lights click on again and you bust out a million more jems!

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    I would like to ride along for the day in that brain of yours. Wow, this is freakin perfect. I would have never thought about adding the chains, but that is the finishing touch. Oh, but you are masochistic one aren’t you? Chains, pulling legs off birds? All in the name of decorating…..

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    I seriously almost spit my coffee all over the computer screen when I read your title in our sidebar! Hysterical and fabulous! oh my Viv, you seriously KILL me with your humor. You are so my kinda gal and the wreath is just beyond cute!


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    Yeah, Viv, a whip and a midget are just about all you need!

    Seriously, you just amaze me. I can’t believe you thought to spray paint that plastic chain–what a cool Halloweeny (Halloweenish?) accent!

  5. says

    A whip and a midget? I’m pretty sure they like to be called little people. Now you’ll get some hate mail.

    Poor black bird. It’s like Lt. Dan.

    HOLY WOW! I just looked at the bottom to see all your link ups. THAT’S A LOT OF LINK PARTIES!!!!

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    That ain’t yo gramma’s wreath!!!

    I Love It!!

    Yea, that’s my kind of decoration!! This with your black punker pumpkin puts you into Halloween Hero status!!! :)

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    The dollar store ravens/crows are wonderful. I’ve got tired of seeing bent old birds at $15 a pop, so these are great. I love the chains, too. I’ll have to look out for them in January. And I love what you’ve done with the wreath.

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    OMG, your title cracked me up! :) I love how original your fall/Halloween decor is. Definitely outside of the box and not a cookie cutter wreath like so many others! Great job!


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