More Pumpkin foolishness…. Necktie Pumpkins

Today we’re recovering pumpkins with  neckties!

I picked up a couple of neckties at Goodwill that I thought would fit in with my Halloween decor.

I used a seam ripper to dismantle them and a rotary cutter to cut them into strips.
With a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the pumpkins, I glued one end of each strip and pulled it tight up towards the stem.
When they were completely covered, I wrapped gray ribbon around the stem on the dark one…
To be honest, I’m not really in love with the gray ribbon stem, but it’ll do.

Each time I think I’m all pumpkin-ed out… I guess I’m not.


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    I heard on the news about some weird lady running up to men on the street with scissors.
    She snips off their ties and runs like hell.
    Have you guys heard about this? I wonder what is up with that.

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    You are the QUEEN of pumpkins. Honestly, you must be having a blast, just letting your creativity loose–and inspiring all of us along the way!

    I need a dose of your creativity. My baby boy (now a freshman in high school) just invited all the kids in his 9th grade class over for a Halloween party this weekend. Maybe I should go back and study all your pumpkins!

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    So how many pumpkins do you have displayed in your house right now? And outside? Include those too. I love these! They are super cute!

    Annnnnd….you’ll be happy to know that I went to our Goodwill store this weekend with my mom for the first time ever and i loved it! Wow! You can find some great finds in there! Who knew? Thanks to you, I know now!

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    You are a pumpkin decorating machine this year! I feel inadequate. I suddenly feel the need to go decorate more pumpkins. You sure do make some really cute ones!!

    Question for you….I remember a while back you did a post on a website that you could do collage photos on. What would be the name of the site?? I’m in the OMTWI competition and would like to use it. Thanks!!

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    I’ve been busy all day searching for a pumpkins anonymous meeting for you. So far I’ve found nothing, I’ll let you know if I find anything.

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    Love love the polka dot one! And I totally have been inspired by your pumpkins and was going to decorate more but they were all gone this weekend :( Next year- as soon as they come out I am stocking up.. though maybe not 72 😉

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