A “Craft Fail” and how I saved it (…and a cool giveaway from Duck Tape)

I have lots of ideas.  (Lots!)  Many of them work out exactly like I thought they would.
Many of them, well… don’t.

I thought it would be cute to Mod Podge candy wrappers onto a Dollar Store pumpkin.  And you know what…?  It would have been really cute….  If it had worked.

But it didn’t.
The wrappers are that weird plastic-y stuff.  It curls up. It won’t lay flat.  Some of the strips looked as if they were adhered to the pumpkin and laying flat, but then I’d turn my back on them and they’d spring up again when I wasn’t looking!.

They were lifting up, curling, and in general making me cranky.  (I might have even said a bad word or three.)

So I peeled all the strips off and did another Duck Tape pumpkin.
I did a zebra stripe pumpkin a few weeks ago, and to save the jacked up, glued pumpkin, I covered it with one of their new Duck Tape patterns that are out for Halloween.


Duct tape really does fix everything!  (That and WD-40…)

How cool is this tape?!  This particular pumpkin is on display in the boys’ bathroom.  (I did not take a picture of it in that setting because there are mirror issues.  And also, because I would have to clean their bathroom for the picture…)

You know what else is cool…? The wonderful people at Duck Tape have put together a nice selection of 6 fab tapes for one of my reader so that you can play around with this too!!

Six rolls of awesome possibilities!

Here are the different ways to enter:

Please leave me a separate comment for each thing you do… (each comment counts as an entry.)
Contest is open until Saturday 10/23/11 at noon, PST.  Please be sure to leave me an email address if your profile is not linked to an email.  (Cuz it would be a bummer to win and I can’t get a hold of you…!)
Good luck!!

********************Giveaway is closed****************************


  1. says

    Have you ever seen the old Canadian comedy called “The Red Green Show”? Practically every episode features duct tape used in some form or fashion; they always call it “the Handyman’s Secret Weapon.” So that’s what we call it around here.

    Can a secret weapon also be cute? Wow!

  2. says

    I checked out the duct tape page and I confirmed my favorite tape… the leopard one. BUT… I saw a new one that comes very close… the Hello Kitty one. Hello Kitty is pretty popular in our home, thanks to my 6 year old. Who can resist a cute cartoon kitty???

    Chrissy Pratt

  3. says

    Ok.. 3 comments sounds like a good round number… I am following your blog.

    Chrissy Pratt

    Thanks for a fun giveaway.

    I am looking forward to your decorating tips for thanksgiving (ause I can NEVER think of any) and Christmas!!!

  4. says

    My son would LOVE the skulls pattern! And my personal fave is the polka dot….imagining cute projects with that one!

    Please pick me so I can copy your skull pumpkin!

  5. says

    I visited the site, and I didn’t know you can use this tape for insulation, like around windows and such–how cool!

    And of course, the hubby wants a wallet made out of the “skull” tape, which means my 5yo does too……

  6. says

    Visited the Duck Tape website….already knew my favorite before visiting though. I’ve done the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk 3 years in a row and we ALWAYS use Neon Pink Duck Tape to mark our bags. They stand out in a see of luggage!!! This year we added Pink Zebra to give our bags a little extra zing…

  7. says

    My husband’s college landlord would always show up to make repairs…with rolls and rolls of duck tape. I thing the whole building was held together with this stuff!

  8. Dana R says

    I love zebra! No wait…I love them all! We have a serious duct tape fetish in our house and have made flip flops, purses, wallets of course and flowers. Love the how-to videos!

    camperqueencoupons at yahoo dot com

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