A Zebra Striped Pumpkin. (More fun pumpkin crafts.)

OK, I told ya I was on a pumpkin binge right now. I made a flannel covered pumpkin, a punker pumpkin, some pumpkin house numbers and now…  a Zebra Striped Pumpkin.  I may, in fact, have a bit of a pumpkin problem.

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Thanks to zebra print duct tape, this entire process took me about 3 minutes.  I had a fake Dollar Tree pumpkin which I sprayed silver, but then changed my mind and decided to cover it.

I tore the duct tape into short strips, then tore those strips in half, length-wise.  I tried to match up the stripes, but didn’t get too twisty if I couldn’t make it work.  I’m working on several other black and white pumpkins and will group them all together for Halloween.

Less than 3 minutes for less than $3. Good grief, I am cheap and easy.  Sad.

****UPDATED 9/28/11: This zebra stripe is from Duck Brand.  They just released some new patterns for Halloween, one of which has skulls all over it!

And also? Happy Anniversary to Handsome Hubby. I’ve loved him all my life and I am so dang blessed that I get to share his.

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  1. says

    First of all, that’s AWESOME!!! I might have a slight zebra print addiction, which means I might have a roll or two of that zebra duck tape hanging around, which means I might have to make a few of these myself =)

    Secondly, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. And best wishes for many more anniversaries!

  2. says

    Happy Anniversary, Viv! I hope DH does something nice for you tonight!

    That adorable zebra pumpkin would go perfect in Emma Kate’s room! I LOVE IT!

    I love that you’re cheap and easy. I bet DH does too. 😉

  3. says

    This is awesome! So…so…so awesome! I love good zebra print and love it even more on a pumpkin! And thanks so much for the comment you left me earlier about the ceiling medallion. You rock!

  4. says

    When I was in Target the other day I had that exact duct tape in my hand but then left without it. Now I may have to go back and get it. What a great idea with the duct tape. Love it. Thanks for sharing at my Fall into Fall party and for your kind comments. Don’t worry about the blob…no big deal. Adds to the character of the party.

  5. says

    What a cute idea! Especially since it can be placed inside AND outside! I imagine a lot of the painted and bejewelled pumpkins out there would basically melt if rained on.

  6. says

    This has to be the cutest (and simplest) idea I’ve seen in blogland in awhile. I don’t know how it occured to you to use duck tape but I’m so glad you passed the idea along. They make the tape in so many neat patterns now that I see lots of decorated pumpkins in my future. So clever…thanks so much!
    Cheryl at My Sister’s Cottage
    p.s Enjoy your Anniversary!

  7. says

    SUPER cute—is there anything that duck tape can’t be used for? Humm….. nope! Even Halloween deco!

    Visiting from MidWestern Sewing Girl’s Linky Party {Everything Halloween} today,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  8. Lauren says

    This is truly an extrodinary idea! I cannot believe I haven’t came up with this sooner. I mean it’s so easy to come up with the idea, guess I am just not that creative! Thank you so much for posting this! I am always looking for creative to make things like pumpkins more creative! Not to mention the zebra stripes and it’s cheap! Thank you sweetie!

  9. says

    Just wanted to let you know that I am featuring you on “Top 10 Tuesday– Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.”

    Please feel free to drop by and check it out and add a button or link to your post if you want! I will be promoting it at a lot of linky parties!

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