My mantel and I have agreed to a cease-fire.

I haven’t been too quiet about how much I dislike my mantel.  It’s a challenge… all asymmetrical and weird and I am never sure what to do with it.  I got a lot of suggestions to just put something giant up there to create more of a focal point.

I think I found it.

I went to my local Habitat Restore and found this pair of humongo shutters for $5.

(I would have paid $10 if they had cleaned off the cobwebs and Daddy Long Leg carcasses for me.)

I primed it with a gray primer and then lightly sprayed with Krylon Brushed Metallic paint in Satin Nickel.  It has a little bit of sheen to it, but not too much.

I’m certainly not done with the mantel, but this big shutter is a start.

The Lettered Cottage


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    I have to say your problem wood wall does provide the opportunity for us all to see how you work within limitations and still make it look really fantastic…every time!! :)

    I love the shutters a lot!! What a super idea!! Just as with the chameleon chandelier, I can’t wait to see how this piece gets changed up for different seasons!! :)

    Just so you know, every time I go thrifting I look for a chandelier like yours!! I absolutely adore what you do with yours!!! :):):)

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    Love it! Have a hard time finding old shutters around here, I’ve looked…a lot. I adore those Krylon Satin Metallic paints, have used them for several things. I don’t have an asymmetrical mantle, but the fireplace does sit off center in my room with a similar slant in vaulted ceiling. I hung a huge mirror (gifted to me when my parents moved) and sometimes find ways to hang other things in front of it (not easy because the frame is so deep). Anyway, very nice :)

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    I love the new look, but then I’ve never had an issue with it like you have.

    I think I would have paid a lot more for those to have not only been cleaned but painted too!

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