Seriously! Please stop peeing on the toilet seat! A guest post from Strictly Homemade.

Hi all! Technically, I am back from vacation… but practically, I am trapped under the washing machine and can’t get to my computer.  Thankfully, my friend Maridith is here to help me out today…

Hi The V Spot Friends, I am beyond thrilled to be here. My name is Maridith and I have a little ol’ blog (on the East Coast) called Strictly Homemade. I call my blog Strictly Homemade because 9 times out of 10 if I want something I have to make it myself. My budget does not support my decorating and clothing wants. I do find it very rewarding to make most everything from home décor, clothes, gifts, and crafts and I love sharing my ideas and projects with my readers.
I have been blogger friends with Vivienne for over 2 years and this is my first time I’ve been asked to guest post here. I am SUPER EXCITED to share with you a brand new never before seen sign (well, I haven’t seen it on blogland to date.) I have had this up my sleeve for quite sometime waiting for the perfect opportunity to share it with the perfect audience. Since Vivienne has 5 boys in her household (hubby included) I thought she might appreciate this sign.
Sprinkle Sign
A little history. a sign hung in my hubby’s grandparents guest bathroom and it read…

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

I will never forget reading it every time I went in there. When his grandparents died and we were asked what we wanted from the house I asked for the cross-stitched sign that had a cute kid sitting on the toilet. Well, I didn’t get it. Six years later and 2 boys in my house- I am making my own sign!
Here is the quick 1, 2, 3 pictures of how I constructed the sign. I downloaded the toilet picture from the Silhouette Website.
Sprinkle Collage
The real treasure are the words!!! Haha!!
Sprinkle Sign
Then hang near a toilet and pray for drier seats!
Sprinkle 3
I hope you enjoyed!!
Now a shameless plug…I would love for you all to join me every Tuesday for Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party for you share your latest homemade creations!
Strictly Homemade Tuesday
Thanks Viv, for letting me share this with your readers!! I hope you had a fabulous vacation–

Not a shameless plug at all!  I link up at Strictly Homemade Tuesday, myself!  Maridith, thanks for the tutorial.  I have actually had the words “Who peed on the wall!?” come out of my mouth before.  This is totally fitting!  Thanks for sharing this. 

Guys, if you would like inspiration as far as sewing and cute clothing projects, please, please please do yourself a favor and go visit Maridith.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired!


  1. says

    My grandfather always had a sign similar in this bathroom (If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie).

    Love this! When my son was potty training I actually took him to the doctor and said I thought his ureter was crooked because I couldn’t wrap my head around that he could aim at the toilet and it would hit the shower curtain behind him. His ureter is fine, thank you.

  2. says

    I LOVE it!!!! Around here, #1, we know exactly who peed on the wall. #2, said child will not be sweetie and wipe the seatie, until scolded by mother and then complainingly will wipe it…..

  3. says

    This is awesome and I love the colors. I have a sign up that says something to the effect of ” If you pee on the seat you will, from this day forth, be called a dirty little monkey and no one will ever make eye contact with you ever again. “
    We like it. Company don’t. We need something more company friendly and this is perfect.

  4. says

    This sign would have been so appropriate in my home…3 sons and LOTS of friends. It was especially bad when the high school soccer team came here for their pregame meals. I always wondered how these guys could get the soccer ball into the net…if you get my drift…

  5. says

    Hahaha. I’m Mom to two boys and I love reading the comments on this post and the awesome craft idea. Great colors and oh so needed. I’m wondering if I could work skull & crossbones in there somehow. My boys are young but I think they’ll catch my drift. :-)

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