Another reason you should always check your receipt…

I love fish and seafood….

…But I guarantee you I would never pay $60 for a filet of red snapper.

This register receipt was from June 4.  I discovered it on July 6 when I finally got around to entering it in our Quicken program.  I left for the store immediately, showed the manager their error, and got my money back.

Then I bought an ice cream to celebrate.

Remember, if you notice an error, speak up!  Don’t be obnoxious, don’t abuse any store policies.  Be polite and know your rights. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how often the store takes care of the problem… especially if you’re a regular customer.

(And with 4 growing boys, you can be sure that these folks see me at least twice a week and know me by name!)

****Updated to add: Yes, I do regularly check my receipt and/or a red flag would have gone up at the cost. However, this receipt was 4 feet long when it was finally done.  I had been shopping for a party.  The total bill was almost $400, and that was after they already took off $250 worth of club-card savings and coupons.  (Who is going to notice an extra $60 in all of that…?)


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    Some stores will double the refund when they make an error. You would have scored big on that one.
    Grocery bills are full of errors but I can never remember what the price should be in order to notice it unless it is a glaring error like yours.

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    Wow.. $60 bucks! I always check my receipts! Just the other day at the store a lady tried to charge me twice for one shirt… granted I’m sure she didn’t mean to : )

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    I am like a hound at the register. I watch every item scan as soon as I can, but that would be kind of hard if you are unloading 400 dollars worth of groceries! I have on several occassions gone back to get refunded. At Kroger they give you your money back and a free item of the same thing. Pretty nice!

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    Wowzers! That is some salmon filet!!
    Glad you caught it!! And that they refunded you the money!!
    I get lax in checking my receipts. Guess this will teach me to do a better job!!

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    I’m always checking while they are scanning. Another reason why I hate WM, ours has a habit of scanning products twice or over charging you. Last Friday they scanned a swimsuit for my little guy twice and when I mentioned it the cashier replied “No I didn’t, I scanned ONCE” with an attitude. I asked check the receipt and she corrected it, but then over charged me on something else and told me to go to CS. Seriously hate that place.

    So glad they refunded you.

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    Good catch. I try to watch the register, but it is hard since I’m usually shopping with the kids. I always keep my receipts though, especially the party receipts b/c I inevitably return unused plates, napkins, etc.

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