More fakes, more dough: easy DIY starfish

A few weeks ago, Craftberry Bush did a tutorial on how she made a cute garland out of clay starfish.  Super cute.
The other day when I was making my faux coral out of dough, I remembered her tutorial and used up some extra dough to make a couple of starfish.

I took the dough and smushed it into a little disk.  I pressed a star-shape into the disk which left me with 5 fairly equal pieces of the dough.

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I rolled each of the 5 pieces into little sections, then placed them in a star shape, connecting them at the middle.  Smooth your star into, well, um, a star shape… Insert toothpicks or skewers into it if you want to make your starfish a  bit more durable.  (I am lazy and wasn’t too worried about it.)  Take a skewer and poke little holes all over it for texture.

DSCN4095  DSCN4096  DSCN4099

Once they were dry, I took them outside and sprayed them a gloss white, then I took Rustoleum’s Heirloom White and gave a light mist over the top of the white.

When they’re dry, bring them in the house and, um, stick them somewhere….

I have a feeling these will get moved around a lot as I decide where to put them.

But in the meantime, this’ll work.

Hey! Guess what!  I am doing 2 different guest posts in  2 different places today!

I am thrilled to be sharing the tutorial for my Pottery Barn Shell Candle Knock Offs at Homebody for Holly’s Knock Off Party

And, I was so excited that one of my favorite new bloggers invited me to do a guest post for her as well.  Ashley at Cherished Bliss hosts a weekly link party every Tuesday and does all sorts of crafty things. You can read about how and why I have a gift closet.

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    I hope we can we still be friends. You’re so stinkin’ fabulous and crafty and I just buy that kind of stuff already done!

  2. says

    How seriously hilarious that make a starfish! I was just coming over here to feature your coral and as I was on my way I thought ” I wonder if I could fashion some sort of starfish with that dough? “
    Ferris Bueller…you’re my idol.

  3. says

    This is incredible! I LOVE it! I have been really wanting to find a way to make these. I was down in Laguna last weekend and almost gave into their $5 price tag…but at last my senses kicked in and I stopped. I then was at Michael’s with a coupon 2 days ago and gave in…needless to say I am heading over there now to return them and make my own! You really have made my day!

    Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see what is next!

  4. says

    Those are SO impressive! I guess you can make anything, it seems to me! But gosh Girl….I’d have been happy to send you real ones, you know! 😉 I live on the shore, for goodness sake. But why ask, right? When you can just, you know… ‘whip some up’. Show off. 😉 lol I’m seriously WOWED.

  5. says

    Wow! This is amazing! I am SO going to make some of these! Thanks so much for linking up to the Summer Lovin Soiree! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Elsa says

    I have been wanting to some decorating with starfish, but I could not get past the idea of the little creatures having given their all for my joy. This idea is awesome, now I can make some.
    THank you!

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