The one where I ruin a dress, a pair of shoes, and almost do something horrible to a wooden chicken.

A few weeks ago I was in the One Month To Win It  crafting contest.  There were only 3 of us left in the final round.  The challenge?  Re-purpose an article of clothing or an accessory.

Oh Crap.   I had all sorts of wacky ideas for the challenge. Unfortunately all of my ideas were outside the scope of my particular skill set.   I did manage to learn something about myself in the process:  If I try to do something based on how I think someone else would do it… it doesn’t work.

I learned that my real creativity doesn’t really kick in until I am trying to solve a problem.

And I created lots of problems….
#1) I took a perfectly good dress, hacked off the bottom third, then cut it up the middle, thinking I would make it into a short sleeve cardigan or add cute embellishments or something. FAIL.
#2 and #3) I took a perfectly good pair of shoes, drew cheetah patterns on them with Sharpies and planned to glue tiny beads all over them. EPIC FAIL.
#4) I took an innocent wooden chicken and had plans to glue an argyle sweater all over him. (Fortunately my husband came home and saved the chicken. And the sweater.)
#5) I found a broken hair clip I had been meaning to try to fix.
#6) I found a tiny frame that had been floating around in my craft supplies.
(Not shown: The necklace I ruined while trying to cannibalize it in order to make a new necklace.)

I surveyed the damage and realized all I had to show for my time was a pile of dress fabric, a ruined pair of shoes, a tangle of jewelry …and a traumatized chicken.

Then it hit me: a way to use the dress and the broken hair clip, and to organize the jewelry.**
I made a jewelry organizer/wall art.
I took the little frame and painted it black, then put a silver wash over it. Then I tucked some of the black dress fabric into it. I did the same thing for tall frame that had held a photo collage. I took the cardboard from the back and wrapped it in the rest of the dress fabric.
I hot glued the flower from the broken hair clip into the little frame, then secured the little frame inside the big frame with floral pins. I used the floral pins to hang some of my favorite turquoise silver costume jewelry pieces. Because it’s color coordinated, it doesn’t look chaotic to my eye.

In the end I came in third.  (Or as I like to think of it: Last in Round 4)  However, I am still liking the jewelery holder and it is still hanging in my bathroom.
(**  By the way – the shoes are headed for the trash, and the chicken is currently in therapy.)


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    You crack me up!! I actually laugh out loud when I read your posts. Just one more thing to make my husband believe ever since I started my blog I really have gone crazy!

    I love your jewelery organizer! and your jewelery : ) What a great way to display it.

    I am glad to see that your chicken is nowhere on it though : ) I don’t think he would have gone with the overall theme….haha

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    Me too, I had to laugh when I read your story of epic fail turned epic jewellery organizer. Shame about the shoes, but I love the project! Poor chicken 😉

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    I have a box of failed projects and an even bigger one of failed doll fashions…A big part of the creative process is what we learn along the way…I actually get bored with creating if I do not learn something new while I am working on a project…no fun or challenge in it.

    Congrates on making it thru to the next round.

    Blessings Kelsie

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    Very funny! But you did come up with a very cute project in the end. And, you made the finals. I’d say that’s impressive!

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    The end product was pretty darn cool, does anyone really need to know the dirty little secrets of all that was inbetween? Shhhh I’ll never tell, of course you’ll have to pull this blog post down. :)

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    This made me laugh! I am glad you were able to salvage most if it-and your organizer looks fabulous! I think your chicken will be OK-though he may need some therapy.

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