Easy floral arrangement using fruit & flowers.

A few days ago I posted my Mother’s Day Brunch wrap up and told you I’d be back with the simple way to make this centerpiece using store bought fruit and roses from my yard.

As promised:

Gather your supplies. In this case, roses and hydrangeas from my yard, an empty olive jar, a glass vase and tangerines.

Fill the jar with water and set it on the bottom of the glass vase.ย  Use the tangerines to wedge the jar in place and keep it stable.

Keep adding tangerines.ย  Toss in a few sticks if you want to. (I always want to… I love sticks!)

Start adding your flowers.

Take your finished arrangement and set it somewhere that makes you happy.

Be prepared to move it someplace else once your husband comes home from work and starts to complain because once again, you’ve put something tall on the coffee table and it will block his view of the TV if he decides to lay on the couch to watch it. (deep breath!)

Move it cheerfully, knowing that your husband has many wonderful traits that far outweigh his wacky notion that form should follow function.

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  1. says

    My husband complains about the same thing. I don’t understand why he can’t just sit in an awkward position so he can see around the tall decoration! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I love that vase. I would have never thought to use a little vase/container on the inside to hold the flowers…so smart. I love the pop of orange.

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    That looks SO pretty!
    Never would’ve thouht of the olive jar in the middle.
    Hey. Is that the chicken you almost defiled? And I see your pirated pears. :)

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    I’ve done something similar before with slices of lemons and limes but I had to buy my roses, no green thumb here!


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    Hi V…

    I love, love, LOVE this post, V! What a GRAND idea to use the small olive jar for water for your flowers…love that! You come up with the greatest tips! My friend, your Mother’s Day bouquet is simply gorgeous…love how you used the tangerines! Not only is this a beautiful bouquet but I bet it smelled just heavenly between the flowers and tangerines! Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

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    Beautiful! I may have to borrow your idea, but I don’t have much in the way of flowers in my yard (thank you, deer!), but a cheap bunch from the grocery store should do the trick!

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    I love the fresh and spring like feel of your arrangement. Trust me, everyone woman who has a man in her house has heard them complain about something blocking the tv, even if they only watch that tv every one in a while. Have a great week!

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    This is so gorgeous! Now I can make a pretty centerpiece thanks to your tutorial :) Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us, and the other awesome posts you linked with us, at the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop.

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    THANK YOU for finally explaining how to keep the inner vase, or jar, from moving all over the place! I totally understand how to do this now. Well done! I found your link at WUW and came for a visit. Hope you are having a great week…~Ann

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    Wow!This arrangement looks so beautiful and summery and what a great way to bring color to the center of the coffee table.Thanks for the tutorial. I love the way you wrote about husbands complaining about tall things blocking view of the TV… I guess hubbies everywhere are all the same.. lol.Great post!Visiting from DIY by Design.~Poppy


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    Your floral arrangement is definitely one that I will be trying in my own home and today is the day that I will do this. AND you have one of those husbands who complain about the height of a decorative object on the coffee table…..I thought I had the only one and mine is too old to train differently….LOL!

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    Cute! I really liked the lime/calla’s idea (which I saw on TT and J)but I’m not real fond of throwing away food after only using it for decoration. This one’s great since you can still use the fruit later. Thanks for the ideas!

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