I take my coffee in the shower.

Although you wouldn’t know it by the weather, tank top weather is coming. Egads! That means bathing suit weather isn’t far behind.

Now while I long for the days when my biggest complaint was only about my fat butt, now everything is squishy. That’s gonna take some work.

My winter skin gets a good polish once a week with…. coffee grounds. (or is it grinds?)
What evah!

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After your cup (or 3) of morning joe, dump what’s left in the coffee filter into a plastic bowl or some other container. Take it with you into the shower. Get wet then step out of the spray. Scoop up a little of the coffee and lightly rub it on your skin with a circular motion. (I pay particular attention to my feet.)

Rinse off. Yes, it rinses right down the drain like any sugar, salt or seed scrub would. I have done this for years and never, ever, EVER had a problem with plumbing. If you’re on a septic system, I have no idea if that will make a difference.

You will smell a bit like coffee, even after rinsing, but then go over everything with a moisturizing body wash. (Use vanilla and you’ll smell like a delicious latte.) :)

Bonus: caffeine is an ingredient in those dumb cellulite creams. Just sayin’.

Cheap, easy, and you’ll have softer skin.
You’re welcome.


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    What a GREAT idea! And while coffee isn’t particularly CHEAP – – – you’re ALREADY USING it anyway!


    BTW – – – it’s coffee grounds. You GRIND beans to make coffee GROUNDS.

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    But you know what – – – that MIGHT be a regional thing. What is called coffee GROUNDS in these here parts may be called GRINDS somewhere else and something completely different in yet a third place.

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    I think you should take pride in the fact that there will be a bunch of woman smelling like vanilla lattes this week!

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing! I however will be doing this when my husband isn’t home. He already thinks I’m a bit nuts, we don’t need to give him anymore reason to think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Great Idea!! I love the idea of smelling like a latte!! Yumm! Grinds/Grounds whatever they are called are going to get tossed out anyway may as well use em up! My mother uses hers for her composter and also in her house plant soil…not sure what it does, but her house plants seem to like it!!

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    I’ve done this since your last posted about it and I have to agree, it does work!

    Now to had a little vanilla and cinnamon to the mix!

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    I love the smell of coffee and this is a great tip. Although we use the Keurig or Starbucks Barista (for my hub, not for me) so I will stick to sugar scrub for now. lol. Hope you are well my friend!

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    Awesome tip! Lord knows I have enough spare coffee grounds!

    I use my homemade brown sugar scrub, but this sounds great too! Plus, you’re right about the caffeine, that is what is in all of those fancy cellulite creams.

    I’m desperate! Austin is less than 60 days away!

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    Oooh what a great idea. I add my coffee grounds to my indoor and outdoor plants. Talk about very healthy, happy and lively plants. Just watch them grow!!


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