Got any grass?

Not that kind! Wheat grass. It pops up everywhere in spring displays and decor.

A few days ago Melissa at 320 Sycamore did a post on sprouting wheat grass inside. It reminded me: Every year I tell myself I’m going to do this early enough to enjoy with my spring decor…
And every year I forget to do it again. (Very similar situation for the spring bulbs I never manage to plant in the fall!)

wheat grass, tin, monogram, easter

Screw it.

I went to my local grocery and spent $1.49 on some instant gratification.
Use wheat grass from the produce section in your Easter decor.

I took an old tin I had sitting with my flower pots, etc out in my Scary Spray Paint Areain our side yard. The tin was dirty. I didn’t even properly clean it, I just kind of brushed away some of the dust with my hand. Then I shot it with a coat of apple green paint.

It looked OK, but not quite right. I took the last little bit of aqua spray paint left in the can and used that over the top of the green.

I am not kidding that I had a W cut onto contact paper that was laying around, so I slapped that onto the front of the tin. Ta-Da!

Simple and fast. Definitely faster than sprouting my own. It looks nice next to my latest Dollar Store find as well.

Happy spring!



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    I for one was NOT thinking lawn grass..but those days are long gone. Wonderful project.. and for the record if you ever to want to sprout the grass a quick way to do it is to buy the little kit at the pet store… grass for cats.. grows to full heigth in like 3 days.. it’s is CRAZY.. and crazy easy. I let me kids do it.. but warning.. if you let your kids do it and then go out of town you might find grass growing up out of the disposal when you get home .. just sayn’

    And loving the bunny!

    Maddie- the D.A.

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    Very cool! I like the tin.
    I too keep thinking about the grass at night when at home. Then I totally forget at the market. I don’t think Super Target had it anyway. Maybe next week when I go to Fresh and Easy.

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    Go girl! It was well worth it for $1.49! I FINALLY remembered to plant bulbs in the fall and my sweet dog dug them all up a few weeks ago….fun!

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    I can’t remember when it was….but I wanted to sprout grass seed and the only amount I could find was a 10 pound bag.

    Is there places to just buy it in bulk?

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    I love growing my own grass. In fact, I have some growing in my closet.

    I kid, I kid.

    Ok…so what I KNOW is that your house is very well decorated and that it’s a combination of Dollar Store finds and too-expensive-for-my-taste decor. How would I ever be able to tell between the two when you make the cheap things look like expensive things?

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    $1.49 are you kidding me? So worth it — no seeds, watering (or not – it’s so hard to remember when there is nothing there) I’m going on a wheat grass mission here in a few…Must.have.grass. :)


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    I too was wishing I’d started some grass seed sooner, so I could enjoy it with my spring decor. Love your $1.49 solution! made me chuckle.

    Doreen @ Redesign by Grace

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    That was a great idea! Every year I tell myself I’m going to plant grass for Easter and then about Good Friday I remember! you just helped me solve that little problem, your ‘new’ tin looks so cute with the W on it too! xox0

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    You’ve totally inspired me….I had no idea that you could buy this stuff at the grocery store!! Did you buy it at your average grocery store??

    Thanks for linking up….I have a tin pail like yours that you’ve painted multiple times (LOL!)….I may try that and put it on my front porch!

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    What an awesome idea! I’ve just bought some seeds and started growing them from scratch – they sprout up so quickly! Loving the green they add to the room

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    Such a good idea! I buy wheatgrass for juicing and I always have it sitting around in its ugly container. It would look so much more charming in a cute container. Take care.


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    hahaha! Your posts crack me up you are so funny! I love the grass serving as a decoration. I am featuring you tomorrow on Spunky Junky!

    P.s. Good luck on OMTWI! I am rooting for you!


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    How cute. I like to have grass in my office – but people always play with it like it’s hair! I may have to do this for home though.

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