Sticks, spray paint and pumpkins, oh my!

I have already mentioned how much I love sticks.
They’re free.
Spray paint is cheap.
People will think you’re fab.
No one needs to be the wiser, right?

Instead of working on other projects, I gathered and painted more sticks today.

This will greet people who approach our front door.

I made this today. Took 15 minutes (10 of it was drying time for the spray paint.) (I am so NOT kidding when I say that there are days when I really do wish I could have this up year round.)

I also repainted my free chandelier for the 3rd time. It was red, then blue, now orange. I plan to spray paint little pumpkins in a glossy black and add them. Or black pillar candles…. not sure yet.

Not a very good photo, but the chandelier will stand out a bit more once I get my black pumpkins (or candles) up there.

Oh, yeah… and these chairs were burgundy this morning… I love spray paint.

I think I have a bit of a spray paint buzz at the moment and might possibly have killed more brain cells this week than I did my entire college career…
Join  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap   up           party!


  1. says

    Everything is perfect! I loved the chandelier when it was blue and I love it orange too (I think black candles would be nice). Are you going to paint it red for Christmas?

    Great stuff! Have a great weekend.

    You need to host more parties so you have more craft stuff to show off!

  2. says

    This whole set up is so cool! I adore the sticks. I have some hangin’ out in my garage waiting for their paint job. Love the chandelier, everything! Awesome job!

  3. says

    First off, this looks great!! Second, my husband would love the go away pail! Third, you are a woman after my own heart, I LOVE spray paint too!!! Is it not the best, gotta follow you now, see how many more brain cells you kill in the process ๐Ÿ˜‰

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