Craft Closet Staples

So the other day, I put in my two cents about what you should always have in your kitchen.
(For the record, I do realize two cents doesn’t go as far as it used to…..)

Today, I give you two more cents. (Together, this makes almost a nickel’s worth of advice! Whatta deal!)

Here are things that my craft-closet is never without:

Glue gun & glue sticks (duh.)


Double stick tape


A good adhesive

Mod Podge


black & white acrylic paint


(and of course a variety of paint brushes…)

white/opalescent glitter (fine)


 Black, Heirloom White, silver & gold metallic spray paints


sheet moss


floral pinsand floral picks

wet foam blocks (oasis)

dry foam blocks


X-acto knife

needle nose pliers


wire cutters


pruning clippers


medium gauge wire (floral or otherwise)

flexible sanding sponges

chicken wire (just a little bit, for floral arrangements)


cardstock (black & white)

white ribbon and black ribbon – both grosgrain and organdy (sheer)

Something else I always have? An orchid or two.


I put them in a variety of containers and then top it off with the aforementioned sheet moss.

They are cheap, nearly impossible to kill, and when the long-lasting blooms are finally spent, a high quality silk orchid stem stuck into a live plant makes it last all the longer. When it’s put into a live plant it’s very hard to tell the that the stem isn’t real. (Again, providing you have a high quality faux orchid…)

Those are my must haves, what are yours?

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    Yes, but what would I DO with all that stuff?! It’s funny, I have all these craft ‘scraps’ that I don’t want to throw up because surely they must be useful, but how? That’s the question. And then Evie comes along and glues it all together for me :)

    And I thought orchids were difficult? Have I been lied to all these years?

  2. says

    Great list! I seriously use my put so much mileage on my glue gun. I don’t know what I would do without it! But I do wish it was pink – how cute!

    And I love Goop too, the only other things I would add would be my Cropodile, paper cutter, and E6000. I loved your thoughts on floral arranging. I don’t know very much about that. Thanks Vivienne!


  3. says

    I have quite a few of these items…but is it wrong that I’ve never heard of sheet moss? Maybe it’s something that I know of, but didn’t know the name? hmmm…. have a fabulous week!

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    Orchids are expensive and very hard to grow!!In fact, some are almost impossible to keep alive, much less bring into bloom—even for professional growers. But there are dozens of varieties of orchids, and hundreds of hybrids, that are perfectly happy growing on a sunny windowsill or under lights.

  5. says

    I have lots and lots of fabric like The Chicken Lady. Also all sorts of sewing type things like scissors, rulers, cutting mats, ribbon, bindings, etc. Not that I have time to use it anymore.

  6. says

    Key to the gluegun…it needs to be a good one. I’ve got a not so good one and I’m not thrilled with it, but I didn’t want to shell over $20 at home depot for one. le sigh.

  7. says

    Mine is not so well stocked. I do have the glue gun, of course, and several of the other things, but I guess I need to take it up a notch!

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