MORE crappy stuff, made pretty…. easy monogrammed ornaments.

Make pretty, monogrammed ornaments.

Take horrible, plastic, over-sized ornaments from the Dollar Store….

Spray paint them, add a monogram and liberally apply glitter….  Ta-da!

To do this, I used a Cricut (calligraphy cartridge) and black cardstock.** I watered down a little ModPodge in a shallow dish, then floated the cut letter in there for a moment or two. It made the cardstock more pliable. Regular paper was a bit hard to work with.

Then I just placed it onto the ornament, tapped it down with my finger. Once it dried, I put a coat of ModPodge (non-dilluted) over the whole thing and sprinkled it with glitter…

**You could make a stencil and paint the letter on, or use vinyl or contact paper as well.

I’m going to do several that make up the word “blessings” or “thankful” and incorporate it into my Thanksgiving dinner decor. Then I will use them as embellishments on Christmas gifts for people who have those initials….

Gotta run! There’s much spray painting to do!


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    Will you share how you are putting the letter on there? Are you painting it or are you using vinyl cut with a cricut machine (because that is what I would do … b/c I have not an artistic bone in my body).

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    OMG. I was trying to think how the hell you put that letter on there, you know, I’m imagining a fight with the scissors…and then I read that comment up there and I remembered, you have a CRICUT!!!! :)

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    WOW!!! You actually made Dollar Store ornaments look amazing… you know what that is… FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Great job! Wish you lived closer to me, I’d place an order for a pumpkin & some ornaments!

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    Oh, for crying out loud, V… you have more time on your hands than those parents who make those amazing halloween costumes. And with 4 kids how do you find that time?

    I’m jealous of your creativity, is what I’m trying to say.

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    hey there…
    i just stumbled across your blog
    from the just a girl party

    {and now when i reread that sentence it sounds as if i’m the one with a lampshade on my head slurring about corporations bearing the evil for all the world…}

    i wanted to say
    that i love your blog!
    fantastic ideas,
    which is what i was looking for
    you are so funny!
    and then the santa story…
    made me teary!

    i’ll be back.

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    Oh, Viv, how do I love thee…?

    Your tribute to Conner is lovely, and this is another clever and wonderful craft. You’re awesome.

    I need to go fail at something and take some Tylenol.

    (Seriously; you are the Queen of Coolness, Viv.)

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