Willard Scott isn’t half as crazy as the people who keep him on the air.

Rich and I have a Friday night guilty pleasure: The Soup with Joel McHale on the E channel. If you’ve never watched it (you should!) it is 30 minutes of clips from reality shows, talk shows, soap operas, you name it. It is a show that basically makes fun of pop culture and all of the crap on TV.

Willard Scott from the Today show is frequently featured (skewered) on the Soup.

I predict that Friday night’s Soup will have a clip of Willard’s appearance on the Today show this morning. Among some of the other wacky things he said, this was my favorite: “It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! I love the Girl Scouts. I’d like to make a cake out of them!”

If that’s not Soup-worthy, I don’t know what is!

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